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Orchid Flower, Colors & Growing Plants


look real great and they come in almost all colors, including white but not black. One of the most popular is a blue orchid, in the past and prior to the hybridization they were extremely rare but now designed in the laboratory plenty of colors are available which nature rarely has shown.

Blue vandas are most also certain dendrobium have blue color elements in the flower. White flowers also look good, especially in combination with other flowers as wedding floral decorations, not only within a bouquet.

Today nothing can hold you back to buy orchid since are easily available, just see our pictures of dendrobium, cattleya, oncidium, mokara, vandas and other. After two centuries of poaching and looting of wild plants in their natural habitat the creation of hybrids gave nature a real break. No need for poaching anymore just go to the internet or have a look in the nursery.

The Greek word "orchis" which gave them the name

means testicle, about 26,000 species and hybrids are out there and this count is growing continuously because the laboratories try to develop new form and behaviors. E.g. to have a longer blooming time, make them resistant to certain fungi and creating new colors.

There are certain preferred colors  which is white, blue and all variants of red. White is often use to enhance elegant wedding bouquets.

All come from one family  called orchidaceae, the plants grow in the tropical regions but are also are found in higher and regions.

Labs are crossing hybrids

continuously for more color combinations and to be more resistant. Hybrid orchids are common today, actually any plant on the market to buy today are hybrid orchids, most are better to handle than species. It is not a big problem anymore to keep blue orchid flowers since todayís plants are relatively cheap and widely available. Means they are easily to be replaced by a new plant from the nursery or the internet catalogue when there is a problem. Although they can be found almost everywhere all over the globe but the real beautiful flowers come from tropical or subtropical regions.


Some wild orchids grow there on trees, in the rain forest, mangroves and in the rock crannies. Most are half-terrestrial and epiphytic orchids. This plants can be divided into monopodial and sympodial groups. Monopodial orchids like vanda and aerides are growing upwards from a single point and the flower appear atop a long stem. Phalaenopsis, though this is stem less. The sympodial group like Cattleya and Laelia can growth in several directions, but with cattleya, its only one direction.


Orchids nurseries in Phuket Thailand

This Phuket nursery is situated near the road from Chalong Circle to Rawai, they have a wide collection of flowers hybrids. There is retail and wholesale sales from 10am to 6 pm. In the garden or nursery you can find plants on sale for reasonable and affordable price. A other way to buy orchid could be to have a look at the many flower shops along many road at Phuket Island.

Blue orchid
in orchid nursery with cattleya.
орхидея ванда.
Pink Vanda yellow cattleya pink and yellow orchids
white orchid purple plant purple vanda
dendrobiums orange cattleya vandas
yellow catleya white cattleya pink cattleya
Yellow plants
Yellow plants
White Plants
White Plants


They sell their orchid flowers to Phuket hotels and beach resorts as well as to a lot of tourists who just come to the nursery every day to have a look, entrance fee into the garden is Baht 200,

The flowers on sale are ok for indoor and outdoor, if you want to take them home after Thailand vacations the bottom of the flowers will be put put into a small plastic container, that means its ok for up to about 3 weeks when you take out the flower, do a small slice off and put it back into the container or elsewhere, with some water.

They don't sell other flower, the selection is huge and every day the whole place about 200 x 150 m is in full bloom, a feast for the eyes. Some flowers are purchased to decorate big Phuket hotels and also delivery to tourist in the hotels is made.

If you ever travel to Phuket Island in southern Thailand visit the nursery, itís worth it, this is a great garden with Thai orchid.

Pink plants
Buy pink orchid flower
blue orchid plants
Blue orchid plants

Blue Orchid plants

are the most prolific, thousands of varieties are out there in nature and thousands more being created by cross breeding. About 600 new varieties are coming up each year either through the discovery of new species or the creation of new hybrids. The largest types are Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya and Vanda.

They can grow in just about any environment and the majority of orchids are growing in tropical environments. There are even some orchids flowers, which do not engage in the normal process of photosynthesis as most plants do, but actually live from a fungus in the darkness of a cave.


Types are plenty,

people who do some cooking from time to time had already a close encounter with it, in particular when it comes to sweets and desserts, its vanilla. Vanilla is used in food; others are used in perfumes. However, the wide spectrum of colors even within a single plant family is one of the main reason why people like different types.

Yellow cattleya orchid care is quite easy since there are only a few important parameter to grow and take care of orchids. Growing supply means water, a little fertilizer and the right light, temperature and humidity if you get this right you can enjoy beautiful plants blooming several times a year.

Cattleya yellow
Yellow cattleya orchid
Orchid Video

Very popular is a blue orchid flower

to adorn your house are Vanda, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium and there are many more.

Thai Dendrobium Dendrobium purple Dendrobium pink

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